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Ronal Infante Transdisciplinary Design Lead
Digital / Physical / Service

SEO-friendly responsive WP site and brand

“Mike’s Dance Floor Rentals is Houston and Austin’s portable dance floor specialist providing different styles of stunning dance floors for Texas events, big and small.”

I previously worked with Mike in July 2013 when I was hired to brand and create a responsive website for his small business. He needed a fun, eye-catching logo with a vibrant color and a website that allowed customers to browse his company’s services and get a rough cost estimate, while never straying too far from his contact information.

On the site’s 1 year launch anniversary (July 2014), Mike hired me again to enhance his site by integrating a customized WordPress content management system (CMS), giving him full control over the content on his website. Now Mike is able to edit the entire content of his fully-responsive website without having to interact with any code.

The site is designed with the universal web in mind, responding to any screen resolution or device size. Feel free to navigate his website on a smart phone, tablet, or laptop.