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Ronal Infante Design / Engineering / Photography

Master’s Thesis: Distress in Optometry Exams

University of Houston
Hines College of Architecture & Design

University of Houston
College of Optometry

Individual project, Aug 2019 – Present

I am currently a candidate for a M.S. in Industrial Design and I am working on my thesis.

I have designed and led an exploratory and descriptive case study into factors correlated with distress in pediatric optometry patients. I use participatory design and mixed method research to uncover insights that will inform and inspire design principles, constraints, and strategies to address user needs.

It is still in progress but I am including some of the work I have done thus far.



Exploratory & descriptive case study research

Mixed methods research and data analysis

Design ethnography

Survey design

Expert interviews

Focus groups

Participatory sessions

Literature review

Academic writing


Descriptive & Exploratory Case Study

For the first phase of my thesis, I am leading a study to identify factors that play a role in contributing to pediatric patient distress by determining how often distress and crying occur and to what degree they affect examinations.

The research design is a case study that is both descriptive and exploratory, comprised of a survey, observations, and field notes.

It has been approved by the University of Houston’s IRB and is taking place at the University Eye Institute in collaboration with licensed optometry faculty who specialize in pediatrics.

Collaborative Design

The second phase translates the study’s findings into design principles, constraints, and strategies to address user needs.

I will utilize collaborative methods such as participatory brainstorming sessions and focus groups throughout the design and development process.

Session #1

Led a brainstorming session with graduate design students to present my research findings and discuss key How Might We questions and design directions.

Session #2

Led focus groups with student doctors and faculty to gague perceived impact and desirability of directions.

Session #3

Led workshops with undergraduate students to share how I translate research to design principles and to further capture and discuss divergent thinking.