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Ronal Infante Transdisciplinary Design Lead
Digital / Physical / Service

Highlighting & Connecting Food Truck Entrepreneurs

University of Houston
Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts

Project Row Houses

Individual project, Aug 2019 – Dec 2019

In partnership with renown Houston artist Rick Lowe and Project Row Houses, I am working on an ongoing project that combines portraiture and video interviews of established food truck owners in Third Ward, Houston to capture their experiences, create a network for future entrepenuers, and promote black and brown business.
  • Identity Design
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Javascript/jQuery
  • Video Interviews
  • Digital Photography

Project Row Houses



Houston’s Third Ward is one of the city’s oldest African-American neighborhoods and is rich with culture and history. Many nonprofit organizations like Project Row Houses and SHAPE seek to protect, celebrate, and promote the area and its residents through social engagement.

This project is a partnership through a socially-engaged art course where we were tasked with creating meaningful impact alongside members of the community.


Research & Identity Design

My goal was to explore web deconstructionalism and digital brutalism to develop a fun, unique experience that mirrors the spirit of the entrepreneurs I’ve met and presents them as personable mentors.

Creative Direction

In alignment with the identity design, I came up with two directions for the project. A third, more popular direction emerged from the idea of combining elements from each.

The identity design also feeds into the style and voice of the interviews and portraits. I documented my process on how I developed the questions and my strategy for shooting so that other media artists could have instructions to follow if they joined the project.

Visual Design

I avoided banal layouts and navigation menus and opted for highly interactive, edgy ideas. The idea to compress inactive sections of the layouts like an accordion gained the most attention.

Rapid Prototype

I developed a quick functional prototype to showcase the behavior of the site.

Github Prototype


What if we developed an unused plot of land to help out developing food truck entrepre­neurs?


What if we combined portraits with quotes from interviews?