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Ronal Infante Design / Engineering / Photography

At-home Flexion/Extension Therapy Device

University of Houston
Hines College of Architecture & Design

Texas Children’s Hospital

Individual project, Aug 2018 – Dec 2018

BENDIMU plays music when correct angles of flexion and extension of the elbow are reached to let patients know they are meeting their therapy goals and redefines what therapy looks and feels like.

First Place, Feb 2019
University-wide Graduate Research Showcase

Second Place, Feb 2020
Construct3D Conference Poster Competition



Ethnographic field study

Functional decomposition

Literature review


Electrical prototyping

Arduino IDE

CAD modeling

3D printing

Observed User Needs

On average, therapy for an elbow fracture or dislocation will involve 2 sets of 10 flexion/extension holds three times per day for 4 weeks. Elbow angles are measured by a therapist using a goniometer.

While at Texas Children’s Hospital, I observed a need for:

  • A replacement for the goniometer, which requires children to stay still
  • Accurate elbow angle measurement for at-home therapy
  • Data tracking to ensure therapy adherence
  • A fun experience that redefines this painful therapy

What if the device wrapped around the arm and attached using a slapband?

Ideation & Refinement

I explored multiple shapes and arm placements then 3D printed and assembled two versions before ultimately deciding the final prototype design.